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My name is Elizaveta “Elizabeth” Boals and I am the owner of Beyond Books Solutions, LLC, a virtual bookkeeping service. 


I’ve always been passionate about connecting with people and trying to help them with their work overload. I know how hard it is for a business owner to carry all the weight and perform multiple tasks at the same time. When I saw that my husband needed help managing his businesses, I stepped in and together, we took the businesses to the higher profit level.

When I realized how rewarding it felt to help small business owner become even more successful I decided to get a degree in accounting. I earned my Masters in Accounting and have been helping small businesses with their finances since.


I have seen plenty of business owners trying to gather their financials in a hurry to make sure they don’t miss tax filing deadlines. One of the biggest misconceptions is that business needs to have the books done just for taxes. In fact knowing how to read your financial statements could lead you to more prosperous and profitable entity.


Most of the business owners wish they could outsource their bookkeeping, but sometimes they are not sure about the price. But look at it from perspective of hiring a doctor. You wouldn’t want to hire a doctor that provides discounts and half fast job. You want the best one out there. Same thing with the health of your business. You want to partner with a bookkeeper that would understand your business needs, someone you could brainstorm ideas and consult with, share your concerns and success. 

And that’s why I’m here for you, ready to take the bookkeeping off your shoulders, so you could focus on your business, make more money, save time to spend it with your family and friends or grow your business and never worry about the tax season again.  When I partner with my clients it is a professional commitment that brings value. I record transactions, hold meetings to discuss the financial reports, make suggestions by providing honest feedback, come up with profitability and budgeting strategies and create a useful system for your business. 

I offer remote bookkeeping that is a convenient, tax deductible way to invest into your business!


Thank you for reading! If there’s anything I can help you with or if you just have some questions, please do not hesitate to schedule a Free Consultation below. Let’s start a conversation and see how I can help!